Snapper – Yellowtail

Ocyurus Chrysurus

Primary Source(s): Florida Keys and Caribbean Sea

Size Range:  Up to 3 lbs

The beautiful colors of this fish make it one of the most popular species of snapper in the market.

Long Line, Hook & Line

Yellowtail snapper caught in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and U.S. South Atlantic with hooks and lines is a "Good Alternative." This fishery also catches endangered, threatened or overfished species. Yellowtail snapper stocks are healthy.

Yellowtail snapper caught in Brazil's Atlantic Ocean is on the "Avoid" list. The stock's status is unknown, and yellowtail snapper is highly vulnerable to overfishing. In addition, other at-risk species are caught with yellowtail snapper, and there's no management in place to ensure overfishing is not happening.

These fish are a favorite among fish mongers and Chefs alike. The mild yet firm white flake and skin allows for raw preparations as well as taking on excellent notes when pan roasted or grilled.