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​Sweet Jesus

​Sweet Jesus

Grown on a creek on the mile-wide Patuxent River in the Chesapeake Bay in St. Mary’s County. Our oysters are grown in cages in the water column and are tumbled regularly to develop a deep cup and hard shell. Oysters are grown from 1mm seed in our on farm nursery to 3” market size. Each oyster is sorted by size and tumbled at least six times during the 20 month grow out period assuring a consistent size and deep cup.

Type: Crassostrea virginica
Harvest Location: Patuxent River in the Chesapeake Bay in St. Mary’s County, Maryland
Flavor Profile: The merroir of the waters offer a mild, medium salinity accenting with subtle tones of toasted nut and a smooth cucumber finish
Size: 3"
Pack Size: 100 count

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