Multiple Species

Market Name(s): Tilapia Sunfish St. Peter Fish

Primary Source(s): Honduras, Columbia, Ecuador, USA

Season: Year Round

Size Range:  1-2 lbs

Tilapia are originally from the Nile River, but today they are raised in warm waters throughout the world. One of the most versatile animals to work with in the kitchen, Tilapia also boasts the prize of being one of the oldest species to be farmed in Human history!


Farm Raised

Tilapia farmed worldwide in recirculating aquaculture systems, Ecuador in ponds and Peru in raceways is a "Best Choice." Recirculating aquaculture systems often have less effluent, disease, escapes and habitat impacts than other aquaculture systems. In Ecuador, effluent is treated before it’s discharged, and the practice of stocking ponds with less fish reduces disease and chemical use. In Peru, there’s little or no chemical use, and treated effluent is used to irrigate agricultural lands. In Ecuador and Peru, only a small amount of fishmeal is used in the feed as well.

Tilapia is a "Good Alternative" from the following sources: (1) Columbia when farmed in net pens; (2) China and Taiwan when farmed in ponds; (3) Indonesia when sold under the market name, Toba Tilapia; and (4) Honduras, Indonesia and Mexico when sold under the market name, Regal Springs. Most environmental impacts (or the risk of impacts) are low to moderate. However, data is often non-existent or difficult to obtain in China, and there's evidence that banned or illegal chemicals are used in China and Taiwan.

Tilapia is known and loved for its versatility. This marvel is adaptable to virtually all techniques of both raw and cooked preparations.