Scophthalmus Maximus

Primary Source(s): Spain, France, Portugal, Chile

Season: Farmed Year Round

Size Range:  Farmed up to 15 lbs and Wild up to 30 lbs

Highly regarded as being one of the most elegant & refined in flavor of any sea creature, Galician Turbot also happens to be my personal favorite fin fish. Either simply roasted whole on the bone or arranged in one of the most composed & majestic of dishes, the flavor of this incredible sea creature is truly regal.

Turbot (pronounced tur-bet) is a favored flatfish for all chefs.  Global supplies are limited, which accounts for the high price this fish commands.

We source both Farm Raised Fish (1-2# fish are most common) as well as Wild (up to 15-20#)

Farm Raised or Wild Caught