Acanthocybium Solandri

Market Name(s): Wahoo Ono

Primary Source(s): Hawaii

Season: Summer Fall

Size Range:  up to 100 lbs

Wahoo, also known as Ono ("Good to Eat"), is a close relative of the Mackerel family.

Average size of this torpedo like fish is roughly 8-30 LBS.

We source this fish directly from certain fishing vessels out in Hawaii. They are usually available between the late Spring and early Fall.

Always contact your Supreme Representative to reserve this limited delicacy!



Wahoo caught in the U.S. Atlantic with handlines, hand-operated pole-and-lines or trolling lines is a "Best Choice." The status of wahoo is uncertain due to limited assessment information, but overfishing is a low concern. Overfished yellowfin tuna are caught with wahoo, but not in quantities that are likely to affect the population.

All other U.S.-caught sources of wahoo are "Good Alternatives." While management of the U.S. fisheries ranges from effective to moderately effective overall, the catch of at-risk or overfished species remains a significant concern. The status of wahoo in the Pacific is unknown, and there's no indication overfishing is occurring in the U.S. Atlantic and U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

Wahoo has a pale-pink color and cooks up to a beautiful white appearance.

This mild tasting fish has a lean texture and large flake.

Even though it is considered a versatile fish, many chefs utilize cooking methods that work for species with low fat content; because you do not want the meat to dry out when cooking!