Domestic White Shrimp

Litopenaeus Setiferus

Market Name(s): Gulf White Shrimp

Primary Source(s): Gulf of Mexico, USA

Season: Year Round with Peak Season June - October

Size Range:  U-10 through 51-60

Even though White shrimp are known as "Gulf Shrimp", they are not only found in the Gulf of Mexico. There are areas where they are concentrated on the Atlantic coast around South Carolina and a little south of that.

Trawler with Turtle Exclusion and Bycatch Reduction Devices.

White shrimp caught in the U.S. Southern Atlantic with otter trawls is a "Good Alternative." Even though all U.S. states enforce federal requirements that otter trawls have turtle excluder devices (TEDs), bycatch of threatened or endangered sea turtles remains a concern. White shrimp populations are healthy in the U.S. Southern Atlantic.