Coregonus Clupeaformis

Primary Source(s): Great Lakes

Season: Year Round

Size Range:  up to 5 lbs

When people say "Whitefish"they can mean many different things, usually referring to a mild flavored saltwater species.

But this Whitefish, is a fresh water lake species that is found around the Great Lakes.




Lake whitefish caught in Lake Michigan's Wisconsin waters with trap nets is a "Best Choice." Bycatch is very low, and there are no indications this fishery is impeding the population's recovery from historical declines.

All other Seafood Watch-assessed sources of lake whitefish caught in the Great Lakes (except Lake Superior's Wisconsin waters) are "Good Alternatives." Generally, a source is a "Good Alternative" if the catch of other species that are in decline or recovery is a serious concern or the lake whitefish population is still recovering. In Lake Erie and Lake Huron's U.S. waters, lake whitefish populations are declining. In Lake Superior's (Canada waters), there's a lack of information about the population's status and some concerns about unlicensed fishing.

Because the fish lives in colder waters, the meat has a higher fat content (excellent for smoking then!!). It also has a mild flavor that compares to salmon and trout.